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Cargo Pal Eco-Scooter

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Cargo Pal Eco-Scooter

The making of Cargo Pal eco scooter initially started with an idea to make a cargo scooter that can run swiftly in narrow streets with sharp turns. There are no mechanical connections from the steering of the wheel. It’s all done electronically, so no major moves are necessary.

The electric scoter has two hydraulic shock absorbers, placed on the top of the axis where wheels turn, to help raise or lower the vehicle for road condition.  To help the driver maintain balance, Cargo Pal use gyro technology, which is also used in the known Segways.

The Cargo Pal eco scooter, for modern urban landscape to transport common use things in a friendly way. 

Cargo Pal Eco Scooter

Cargo Pal Eco Scooter

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Nimble Cargo Scooters

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Nimble Cargo Scooters

Nimble Scooter Pacific Blue

Nimble Cargo Scooters is a company that manufactures cargo scooters in Irvine, California. The scooters start at $450 and are built with aircraft aluminum and baltic birch. You can order them with custom colors and graphics. They ride amazing well and are extremely stable with their low center of gravity.

At only 25 lbs, they’re very lightweight and compact. Also, they’re much smaller than a regular bicycle. While test riding a Nimble last week, we were able to walk into most stores like Target without the workers batting an eye. Think of it as a running stroller you can ride.

If you’ve always wanted a bakfiets but couldn’t afford it. Then look no further. Try out a Nimble Cargo Scooter, which is easily a fourth of the cost of a good bakfiets or long bike.


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