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Two Rivers Cider Bike

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Two Rivers Cider Bike

Don’t call this a beer bike – it pours cider only. Built especially for Two Rivers Cider Cider Co, a Sacramento, California company, it can carry up to 2 full kegs or 4 pony kegs, as long as you can pedal it. cider_bike_1

Vincent Sterne, owner and founder of Two Rivers, requested the bike be built sometime in 2013. “I like bicycles, I like bars. Seemed like a good fit to me,” he says, adding that they do a lot of events and the bike made it very convenient to roll up and serve with very little preparation or setup required. “With full kegs,” noted Sterne, “the bike is still easy to ride.” He credits the good build on local cargo bike maker John Lucas.

John Lucas, founder of CycleTrucks, is a Sacramento based bike builder. He makes about 20 to 30 bikes a year, although the Cider bike is the only bar bike he’s ever made. When Sterne first approached him about building the bike, Lucas went about it as he does with all the bikes he creates: “I look around at what others are doing, and then I try doing something new. We all drive different types of vehicles, and there’s room in the cargo world for many different designs yet. With the cider bike, Vince told he he wanted to build a bar bike, and I had seen some others and had ideas of the way I would do it.” cider_bike_2

The bike itself is a steel bike, and the kegs and bar area is ahead of the bike. The steering is left exposed at the top, and two taps are fitted through the wooden bar top. The frame itself is interesting; in a former career, Lucas was a bridge builder and worked with cranes. “You can see that experience translated on my bikes;” says Lucas, “the lattice work from the cranes, the tresses and what not, are inspired by bridges.”

You might not guess it, but the cider bike also features a component from an old Lincoln towncar, part of one of Lucas’ signature features: a unique kickstand. “It’s a center kickstand, that uses cables for restraint, and a gas spring like you would have to hold up the a hood of a car or the back of a hatchback. That way when you bring up the kickstand, it doesn’t slam, it folds smoothly.” And that gas spring is, you guessed it, pulled from Lincolns. The kickstand is sturdy enough to keep the bike steady when loaded, with say, two full kegs.

More about the builder:

John Lucas builds a variety of cargo bikes, always striving for smart design first. His flagship cargo bike is a 20″ inch wheeler with a built in cycle rack in the front with a long tail rack in the back. It’s smaller wheels makes it more convenient to take on transit and to store, but it can still carry a hefty load – as demonstrated by 5 friends of the builder in the picture below. Visit the CycleTrucks website for more information.

5 on the beavertail

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PedalPub: Drunken Riding?

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PedalPub: Drunken Riding?

Heh heh… I ran across this gem while doing a search on “product liability”. This is one awesome bike! 17 riders pedaling together around town while drinking beer, eating food, and enjoying the sites. Couldn’t think of a better way then the PedalPub (Het Fietscafe in the Netherlands). What can I say, simply a great time…

• PedalPub (US Distributor – www.pedalpub.com)
• Het Fietscafe (Netherlands Maker – www.fietscafe.nl)
• Fietscafe in Action (Flickr)

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