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CETMA Cargo: American Bakfiets Builder

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CETMA Cargo: American Bakfiets Builder

We’ve been meaning to write a post about CETMA Cargo for some time. The place is run by Lane Kagay who makes fantastic custom built bakfiets cargo bicycles and racks. If you’re thinking about buying a bakfiets, rather than shipping one to the States, you should seriously consider getting a skilled local builder like Lane to build one for you. You’ll get a custom bicycle with great components for about the same price as shipping a stock Euro built bicycle to the States.

Lane’s bicycles have some great features like disk brakes, triangulated frame for strength, and customizable modular design. Check out Lane’s website for more photos.

• CETMA Cargo

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Bilenky: American made Bakfiets

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Bilenky: American made Bakfiets

Bilenky is an American custom bicycle maker that has been making high quality custom bikes since 1983. They make a great variety of front load cargo bicycles (bakfiets) that should satisfy the needs of most people. The Bilenky cargo bicycle design places the cargo load over the front wheel, which creates a more compact and nimbler design than traditional Dutch style bakfiets which place the cargo load behind the front wheel.

Their website quotes a complete custom built bicycle with Shimano components for $2695, which puts it in the price range of it’s European counterparts. If you’re on the East Coast and want to support your local builder, definitely check them out.

Bilenky Cargo Bicycles

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