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Nimble Scooters 2014

Nimble Cargo Scooter Beach

Nimble  Scooters of Irvine, California, has just launched their latest cargo scooter design in Europe at the Fietsvak Bike Show in Amsterdam this past March. With a very strong and lightweight aluminium frame and a vibrantly colored roto-molded plastic cargo tub, you can tell this scooter was built for heavy duty. Whether it’s for personal and leisure use, for small businesses or warehouse operators, the cargo scooter is made to help carry belongings easily over a short distance in a fun and convenient way.

Having won a spot at WantedDesignNYC’s LaunchPad, Nimble Scooters will be exhibiting during New York City’s International Design Week to officially mark the launch in the United States. The fair takes place from May 16-19th. More information here:
Based in California, the studio is looking for retailers along the coast and across the United States, as well as seeking opportunities to promote their scooter.

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Kamprite: Bicycle Camping Trailer

Here’s a really cool product that fills a growing new niche “Bicycle Camping”. Kamprite’s Midget BushTrekka has plenty of room for all of your camping gear as well as a popup tent to keep comfortable during overnight outings. They retail at $899, which sounds reasonable for a product like this.

Bed Size: 2200 L x 810 W (mm), 90″ L x 32″ W (inches)
Tent Size: 2200 L x 810 W x 1000 H (mm), 90″ L x 32″ W x 40″ H (inches)
Trailer Size: 860 L x 1100 W x 200 H (mm), 35″ W x 44″ L x 8″ H (inches)
Weight: 26 kg, 56 lbs


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Modular Bicycle Trailer

Bikes At Work is a maker of modular bicycle trailers for hauling cargo. What makes these trailers unique is their modular design, which allows the user to extend the length of the trailer to accommodate longer loads.

Built from extruded aluminum, they look like a ladder with wheels. The simple robust design should be strong enough to carry anything you have the strength to tow. Prices range from $450 to $570, which means they should pay for themselves in a few months with regular use.

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Deutsche Post Bicycle Delivery

Ran across these photos on the web of Deutsche Post using bicycles for inner city delivery.

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Cooler Trailer – BicycleR Evolution

OK, this is literally a “Cool” trailer made buy the folks at Bicycle R Evolution. The photo speaks for itself. What a great idea. Fully recyclable body (high density polyethylene – think milk jug material), rain resistant, insulated, and light weight. What more could you ask for when heading to your local store, a BBQ, or beach party.

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Bicycle Ambulance Namibia

A volunteer aid worker in Namibia named Aaron Wieler has developed a bicycle towed ambulance trailer for use in developing countries. The design looks very robust and easily serviced in places with limited equipment. You can find out more at the: Bicycle Ambulance Project Homepage

We wish him good luck and keep up the great work!

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Koga Miyata Chela

Check out Koga-Miyata’s bike trailer, Chela.  It’s like a mini RV for bicycles.

“With built-in features such
as an integrated folding chair and table, a telescopic stand (to be
used for camera, lamp, safety
flag etc.) and a daypack with solar cells
to charge a GPS or mobile phone. Travel kit can be stored in separate
integrated compartments. The alloy chassis has suspension and offers
very smooth riding characteristics. Nevertheless, the empty weight only
brings 12.6 kg on the scales. With only minor adaptations, the Chela
can be converted into an easily maneuverable luggage trolly, for use in
public transport.”

Also check out their line of touring and commuting bikes.



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Family cycling

Here is another great article on Sheldon Brown’s page about family cycling,
covering tandems, trailer cycles, and teaching kids how to ride a bike.

To the right is the popular Adam Trail-A-Bike.

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DIY: Homebuilt Sidecar

Popular_mechanics_diy_sidecarPopular Mechanics has a great article submitted by a Caleb Brown who shows you how he built a leaning bicycle sidecar for carrying his son around. The great things about the design are that the full suspension smooths out bumps in the road, the suspension allows for leaning, it allows the driver & child to communicate face to face, and finally it’s pretty low cost. Also, the fact that it uses a commercially available child carrier means many families will be able to make use of carriers they already own.

It looks professional and we’re impressed. GREAT JOB!!!

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Check out, an online retailer specializing in bike cargo trailers., dedicated to bike trailers.

Cello, an unique bike case travel system for BOB trailers.

All three sites were started by Josh Lipton, here is his interesting blog where he talks in depth about running his own small start-up business.

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Bob Ibex trailer


B.O.B. (formerly Beast of Burden) is the maker of the famous single wheel Yak trailer.  By replacing the stock quick release with a special replacement,  you can mount the single wheel trailer to any bike.

BOB Ibex is a variation of the Yak trailer with suspension added.

Curiously instead of building kid trailers, BOB makes a line of jogging strollers.

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Chariot Sidecarrier

Chariot , a maker of kids trailers and strollers, have a unique sidecar design called the Sidecarrier.  It is like a regular motorcycle sidecar except it allows the bike to lean independently.

Sidenote: We’ve read in some reviews that one drawback of the Chariot is that it’s only compatible with mountain bicycles. We haven’t tested one out on our bike. But you might want to check with the manufacturer about compatibility with your bicycle before rushing out to order.

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