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Felt cruisers

Wanna cruise around town in style?
Check out Felt’s line of retro cruisers.
Too cool for school!

Check out other cruisers at

The bike to the right is a Felt MP.

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Riese&Muller Gemini

Check out this interesting child carrying bike called Gemini from Riese&Muller. 
The child seat is located on the handle bar.  This allows the parent to see and talk to the child.

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Shanghai Farmer’s Market Live Action Video

OrangefarmerI finally got around to editing my video from the Shanghai farmer’s market. This short video clip captures how the farmer’s use the bicycles as mobile storefronts and how they’ve modified the bikes with local materials for their own needs. I hope you enjoy the video. If you’d like to use it for non-commercial use feel free to send me an email.

Live action video of farmer’s bicycles in Shanghai China

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North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2007 (San Jose, CA)

AhearneI just posted my photos from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show at the San Jose Convention Center. There was a huge number of custom bicycle builders from all over the world attending the show. The variety of bikes ranged from all out velomobiles to rat bikes built with found materials. It was great talking with the builders who went out of their way to be friendly and answer any questions.

Some of the themes I noticed throughout the show:

Some fun stuff I saw at the show:

My photos from the show on Flickr

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Shanghai Farmer’s Market Photos & Slideshow (Shanghai China)

FlowerfarmerJust finished a video slideshow of bicycle photos I took during a business trip to Shanghai. There was a Chinese farmer’s market near our hotel and it was cool seeing the bikes used as mobile storefronts. It was even cooler seeing local materials used to modify the bikes.

I got a chuckle trying to imagine how a farmer would MOD a high end carbon fiber road bike. heh heh…

I’ll post some live-action video footage when I finish editing it. For now, here are links to the slideshow and my photos on flickr.

Video slideshow (9.9 Mb streaming video file)

Still photos on my Flickr page

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