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Stoke Monkey

Stoke Monkey is a electric power-assist unit that fits on a extra long chain-stay bike, such as a bike equipped with an Xtracycle setup.  It works by a variable-speed throttle on the handlebar and a tandem-like drivetrain setup.  Once the motor is on, the rider would have to pedal along (like a tandem stoker).  They claim a cruising speed of 30 mph on the flats.

To the right is a Sycip longbike equipped with a Stoke Monkey.

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Koga Miyata Chela

Check out Koga-Miyata’s bike trailer, Chela.  It’s like a mini RV for bicycles.

“With built-in features such
as an integrated folding chair and table, a telescopic stand (to be
used for camera, lamp, safety
flag etc.) and a daypack with solar cells
to charge a GPS or mobile phone. Travel kit can be stored in separate
integrated compartments. The alloy chassis has suspension and offers
very smooth riding characteristics. Nevertheless, the empty weight only
brings 12.6 kg on the scales. With only minor adaptations, the Chela
can be converted into an easily maneuverable luggage trolly, for use in
public transport.”

Also check out their line of touring and commuting bikes.



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Rivendell, is a bike company specializing in quality bikes for cyclists looking for a bike with lightweight, durability and practicality in mind.  Grant Peterson of Bridgestone fame with bikes like RB-1, MB-1, XO-1 started Rivendell and continue the philosophy of simplicity and practicality combine with classic lug contruction.  All bikes comes with fender clearance and rack mountings.  Their bikes strike a nice balance between specialized racing bikes and overweight hybrids.

The bike pictured to the right is their Atlantis model.

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Bob Ibex trailer


B.O.B. (formerly Beast of Burden) is the maker of the famous single wheel Yak trailer.  By replacing the stock quick release with a special replacement,  you can mount the single wheel trailer to any bike.

BOB Ibex is a variation of the Yak trailer with suspension added.

Curiously instead of building kid trailers, BOB makes a line of jogging strollers.

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North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2007 (San Jose, CA)

AhearneI just posted my photos from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show at the San Jose Convention Center. There was a huge number of custom bicycle builders from all over the world attending the show. The variety of bikes ranged from all out velomobiles to rat bikes built with found materials. It was great talking with the builders who went out of their way to be friendly and answer any questions.

Some of the themes I noticed throughout the show:

Some fun stuff I saw at the show:

My photos from the show on Flickr

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