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Donky Bike

The Donky Bike is a not a new cargo bike – it’s been around for a while, since almost 2006. It could be arguable one of the earliest and, at the time, most innovative cargo bikes.



What is appealing about the Donky Bike? Its symmetry, its simplicity, and its rideability. Good for anyone looking for a tried and true, smaller-sized bike that will still both fit in a narrow hallway and carry twice as much cargo as the regular bike. It is available in lime green and black and retails around 499 pounds ($785 or 625 euros).

The Donky Bike is a product of Ben Wilson, a London-based Ben 3D Industrial designer working whose work has been extensively published and exhibited worldwide. Many of his projects involve bikes in one way or another, and he has collaborated with Brooks on what seems to be the weirdest, bikey-est seesaw yet:


Visit their website here for more information.

Featured in:

De Zeen

Design Boom

In Habitat



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Design Your Own Cargo Bicycle – Republic Bike

republic_socrates_hello_world_side_648wSocrates cargo bike – an innovative platform for hauling and branding.

Rupublic Bicycles makes a great custom branded cargo bicycle for anyone trying to promote their business.

Riffing on the form of classic cycle truck, the Socrates cargo bike is built for hauling. Socrates has a frame mounted front carrier and a smaller 20″ front wheel for carrying a load in a super-stable and an irresistibly eye-catching form.

You can design your own using one of their standard signs or make your own. It’s a great bike for anyone trying to promote their own business. Prices start at $699 per bicycle.


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Bergmoench is a folding mountain bicycle that you carry with you when hiking uphill so that you can bomb down hill on your way home. In this case the cargo is the bicycle.

They are distributed from a variety of dealers around Europe. Although they normally retail for around 1000 Euros, some of their dealers are selling them at 700 Euros.

If you are an avid mountain bicyclist and live around a lot of mountains or hills, this is a very nice idea.


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Ahearne Cycle Truck

Ahearne Cycles are another great custom builder from Portland Oregon. Joseph Ahearne custom builds these great platformed cargo bicycles that are built to haul just about anything. Framesets are $1750 and complete bicycles start at $2750. If you’re committed to living the zero emission lifestyle and have the money to spare, you might want to give Joseph a ring.

Ahearne Cycles
Cycle Truck Page

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Torker Cargo-T Bicycle

Torker has released the Cargo-T bicycle for $600 MSRP. It’s distributed in the US by Seattle Bicycle Supply, which should make it easy for your local bike shop to get a hold of. It comes with Shimano 3 speed internal hub gearing and comes with front and rear cargo racks.

At 45 lbs, it’s about average weight for most purpose built cargo bicycles. The frame comes in satin grey or blaze green. This Taiwan built bicycle is a lower cost alternative for anyone considering European built city bicycles which could easily cost more than a thousand bucks.

Torker USA
• Seattle Bicycle Supply

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Tianjin Flying Pigeon

The Tianjin Flying Pigeon is the most popular bicycle in history. They have literally sold billions of these bicycles since Chairman Mao established the company in 1950. Based on a 1930s European design, they haven’t changed at all over the decades.

The bike has classic looks, weighs a ton, and is built like a tank. Due to the “Classic” design, maintenance is a pain. Also, if you live outside of the developing world where they sell most of their bicycles, finding parts can be equally frustrating. While taking a tour of their plant, the factory rep told me that their biggest customers are in Central Africa.

Out of curiosity, I asked what a shipment of these bicycles would cost. They said that they can fit around 200 of these bicycles (unassembled) into a shipping container and that they would charge $45 USD/each. Pretty good price if you buy in bulk.

Another thing I learned is that the original Tianjin Flying Pigeon company split up over the years and that there are dozens of factories across the country still using the Flying Pigeon name and design to build bicycles.

If you’re in the market for a Euro style city bike, the Flying Pigeon might be exactly what you’re looking for. Imagine for the price of one Dutch built bike, you can have a flock of Flying Pigeons roaming the streets.

Check out my post about my tour of the Tianjin Flying Pigeon Factory.

My tour of the Flying Pigeon Factory
• Tianjin Flying Pigeon Bicycle Company (one of many)
• Flying Pigeon Los Angeles Shop
Flying Pigeon Enthusiast’s Blog

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Maruishi: Mama’s Bicycle (kid carrier)

Maruishi is a family owned bicycle manufacturer that is popular in Japan. They are one of the oldest bicycle companies in Japan and are famous for their line of Mama Cha-ri (Mama’s Bicycle). Their recent designs are extremely refined, have solid build quality, and come with numerous options.

Their newest line called “Frackers” has seating for two kids. There’s a unique front seat that sits between ape hanger style handle bars which allows you to carry a kid without having to be hunched over them. There’s also an optional rear seat for a second child or small pet dog. Also the Fracker’s patented design avoids tipping when loading kids by automatically locking the brakes and the front steering column when the rear kick stand is engaged.

I’ve talked to several people while living in Japan and they only have great things to say about their Maruishi bikes. I’m guessing if you’re comfortable with buying a China built bicycle (Maruishi’s factory is in China) and don’t want to blow two grand on a Dutch built bicycle, then Maruishi is definitely an option. The ones I’ve seen in shops in Japan retail for $300 to $400 USD.

Key Features:
• Tip resistant design – auto locking brakes & steering for parking
• Ergonomic front child seat (hunch free design)
• Optional electric assist
• Pet carrier version available
• Affordable Price: $350 USD or less throughout Japan

Fracker Website
Maruishi Bicycle Company

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Deutsche Post Bicycle Delivery

Ran across these photos on the web of Deutsche Post using bicycles for inner city delivery.

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Military Bicycle – US Army Paratroopers and Marines

Montague Bicycle Company has been making folding bicycles for the US military since 1997. These bicycles are foldable and can be parachuted in with soldiers and marines. They are currently being tested for use by US Army Special Forces.

Check out their website for videos and photos.
Montague Military Bicycles Promo Video Page

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Swiss Army Bicycle (Militarvelo)

Weighing in at more than 50 lbs, the Swiss Army Bicycle is the furthest away you can get from Lance Armstrong’s 16 pound Trek Madone 6.9 However, with its elegant simplicity, utility, and low maintenance design, the Swiss Army Bike had what it took to keep the Swiss Army chugging along for almost a century. Although it was phased out by the Swiss military in 2001, if you’re lucky, you can spot some of these bicycles on eBay going for a pretty penny.

Article written by owner of a Swiss Army Bicycle Review of the Swiss Army Bicycle

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Bicycle Ambulance Namibia

A volunteer aid worker in Namibia named Aaron Wieler has developed a bicycle towed ambulance trailer for use in developing countries. The design looks very robust and easily serviced in places with limited equipment. You can find out more at the: Bicycle Ambulance Project Homepage

We wish him good luck and keep up the great work!

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Paul Frank city bikes

Paul Frank  is a graphic and fashion designer.  You might recognize his popular Julius the monkey character on clothing.  Check out his new city bikes, featuring a retro clean look.  His also offers cruisers (under the Nirve brand)

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Electra Amsterdam

Electra, a bike company that specializes in cruisers and townies, have came out with a new line of commuter bikes called, Amsterdam.  The bikes have the look of the Dutch bikes at an affordable price.  Amsterdam is retailing for $550 and comes in classic and sport model.

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Rivendell, is a bike company specializing in quality bikes for cyclists looking for a bike with lightweight, durability and practicality in mind.  Grant Peterson of Bridgestone fame with bikes like RB-1, MB-1, XO-1 started Rivendell and continue the philosophy of simplicity and practicality combine with classic lug contruction.  All bikes comes with fender clearance and rack mountings.  Their bikes strike a nice balance between specialized racing bikes and overweight hybrids.

The bike pictured to the right is their Atlantis model.

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Felt cruisers

Wanna cruise around town in style?
Check out Felt’s line of retro cruisers.
Too cool for school!

Check out other cruisers at

The bike to the right is a Felt MP.

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Folding Bicycle Society

For those interested in folding bikes, check out the Folding Society site. sells various models of folding bikes.

To the right, are folders made by Airnimal.

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Bike Friday Tikit

Bike Friday, the famous maker of folding bikes, have  a new model called the Tikit.  They claim that it is the fastest folder in the world.

Check out the this youtube clip featuring the Tikit.

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Riese&Muller Gemini

Check out this interesting child carrying bike called Gemini from Riese&Muller. 
The child seat is located on the handle bar.  This allows the parent to see and talk to the child.

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