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Vélo Électrique

The ultimate electric cargo trike. It will carry four small kids plus your groceries. And then it will help you get up a hill with a small motor. All this, and it’s still pretty affordable for its category of cargo bike, starting at under $2,500. The creator, Jeremy Davies, keeps the price low by using basic, unbranded parts which are assembled in the UK where Vélo Électrique is based.

The bike is a full 225 cm long, with enough space in the cargo box to feature two (removable) facing bench seats with safety straps for children. In addition the rack in the back can carry some extra panniers for when you need all the load-carrying you can get. The bike is outfitted with V Brakes on both front wheels as well as a rear wheel disc brake.

Not only is it highly functional, but they have also been successful in marketing it to local businesses as a tool for development. See their school meals delivery bike pictured below, or their off-road ice cream delivery trike for example.

Great additional features: A kid’s bike rack in the front. Option to purchase a dog carrying kit as well as custom baby bike seats. And a removable rain cover for the cargo box with windows and zip access.

Future fleet additions: Vélo Électrique is now taking advance orders for their next product, the E350. Once on the market they expect it to be the strongest road legal cargo bike frame on the market, with a 3mm thick tube wall, and capable of carrying loads well over 120kg. They are also researching a solar charging system that would enable riders to recharge their batteries as their ride.

Featured in:

The Guardian


Facebook: @VeloElectriqueUK

Twitter: @VeloCargoBikes 

Velo Electrique - picture taken from their blog

Velo Electrique – picture taken from their blog

Velo Electrique - picture taken from their Facebook Page

Velo Electrique – picture taken from their Facebook Page

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Cargo Pal Eco-Scooter

The making of Cargo Pal eco scooter initially started with an idea to make a cargo scooter that can run swiftly in narrow streets with sharp turns. There are no mechanical connections from the steering of the wheel. It’s all done electronically, so no major moves are necessary.

The electric scoter has two hydraulic shock absorbers, placed on the top of the axis where wheels turn, to help raise or lower the vehicle for road condition.  To help the driver maintain balance, Cargo Pal use gyro technology, which is also used in the known Segways.

The Cargo Pal eco scooter, for modern urban landscape to transport common use things in a friendly way. 

Cargo Pal Eco Scooter

Cargo Pal Eco Scooter

Featured on:

Behance – Auto Chunk





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Nimble Scooters 2014

Nimble Cargo Scooter Beach

Nimble  Scooters of Irvine, California, has just launched their latest cargo scooter design in Europe at the Fietsvak Bike Show in Amsterdam this past March. With a very strong and lightweight aluminium frame and a vibrantly colored roto-molded plastic cargo tub, you can tell this scooter was built for heavy duty. Whether it’s for personal and leisure use, for small businesses or warehouse operators, the cargo scooter is made to help carry belongings easily over a short distance in a fun and convenient way.

Having won a spot at WantedDesignNYC’s LaunchPad, Nimble Scooters will be exhibiting during New York City’s International Design Week to officially mark the launch in the United States. The fair takes place from May 16-19th. More information here:
Based in California, the studio is looking for retailers along the coast and across the United States, as well as seeking opportunities to promote their scooter.

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Kangaroo Cargo-Bike

Kangaroo Bike

Kangaroo Bike

Besides their great name, Kangaroo Bikes has got cargo-cycling with kids as perfectly configured as it can get. Also props to Leif Hagerup and Lars Malmborg for a stunning design and beautifully engineered solution to elegance.

The Kangaroo Bike is a family bike designed to be attractive, functional and aerodynamic. It has superb road-gripping qualities with comfortable and secure child seats – which makes it the ideal choice for your families.
With a roomy cabin combined with flexible construction, there are two seats for two children of up to 150 cm in height, although it can be adjusted so that there is one seat in the middle for easier balance control. The seats can slide forwards, backwards, face backwards and be pushed down to have the child lay in a sleeping position.

A baby seat is also available as an accessory and can be mounted directly on the existing seats. A cargo-bike that can be adjusted to your growing kids!

As a light transport bike for children it is strong and torsion-stable. The multi-adjustable handlebars make it easy to find the ideal riding position. The patented 3-point steering system ensures rigidity and good stability.

Kangaroo bikes are made in Denmark, in a factory near Silkeborg – and from there they are sent to over 12 different countries around the world.

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Promoting Cargo Cycling in the European Union

Back in May 2011, representatives from NGOs, the government, private sector business and industry analysis firms met in Copenhagen, Denmark to share different ideas for advancing the shift of goods and services transportation to non-motorized modes in European cities. This meeting also lies within the context of the CYCLE Logistics project, whose ultimate goal for 2014 is to save 1,300 tons (465,000 gallons) of fuel, put2,000 more cargo cycles into use in European Union (EU) cities, and shift 10,000 trips to inter-modal transport chains (bicycles and tricycles used with other modes of transportation).
They are trying to encourage CYCLE Logistics under the European Cycling Federation to promote the benefits of cargo cycling. Businesses who use cargo cycling give customers an image of environmental responsibility, they also have a better chance of delivering their goods on time without having to deal with traffic and road infrastructures.
Accessibility is also increased for those business who use cargo tricycles to reach out to people, where stores cannot. As a result, replacing motorized transportation with cargo cycles does not contribute to air quality degradation and pollution.

This is not the first time Europe tries to really encourage the use of cargo cycling as a real means of transport. In the United States, we often regard cargo cycling as a fun weekend pastime or leisurely activity. We don’t really see cargo scooters as being used for professional use – but it’s coming! What really needs to happen, which is what the CYCLE Logistics project strives to do, is promote a behavioral change within a culture. They try pushing Europeans to transport goods and services with cargo cycles—among all individuals, organizations, businesses and levels of government.

In China actually, this has already been the case for a long time. In large cities with dense populations, millions of bicycles and cargo tricycles are being employed for daily transportation of people and goods. Whether it transports garbage, fruit, a mini barbecue, stacks of chairs or hay, the Chinese have been very creative in using cargo scooters in any way to help them with their business or wherever they need to go.

The population density of Chinese cities has resulted in hundreds of millions of bicycles and tricycles being employed for daily transportation, many of which are utilized in the cargo fashions that the CYCLE Logistics project desires to produce.

To read more about this movement and CYCLE Logistics, please visit and read the article from

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The Danish Cargo Bike Championships, a classic Copenhagen tradition

Have you ever dreamt about racing your cargo scooter with friends? Well, cargo scooter fans in Copenhagen have already been doing this for the past 11 years!

Every year the Svajerløbet – or the Danish Cargo Bike Championships – takes place in the Carlsberg area in Copenhagen.They have championships in several categories, such as the Svajerløb for kids, men, women, vintage cargo bikes, two or three wheel bikes! It is a non-profit event, really for those who love their cargo bikes.

The name Svajerløb comes from city’s bicycle messengers – known as ‘svajere’ who, decades ago, used to battle in unofficial races for bragging rights on Israels Plads in central Copenhagen.  It was a classic Copenhagen event that disappeared when cars started to dominate the urban landscape. The last race was in 1960. But as a capital full of cargo cyclists, there was much support given to revive the tradition in 2009.

In fact, there are around 40,000 cargo bikes in use each day in Greater Copenhagen and they are the Copenhagen version of the SUV, used for transporting children and goods. 25% of all families with two or more children have a cargo bike in the City of Copenhagen.

If you ever fancy to participate in the race, check out their website:

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Gazelle-Cabby: High Quality Factory Built Bakfiets

Gazelle is a large Dutch bicycle company that has been around for years. They’re known for their Dutch city bicycles. However, lately their Cabby bakfiets is getting a lot of praise. It’s factory built rather than custom built and comes at a whopping sale price of $2300. If you’ve got the cash and want to get rid of your car, you might want to check out the Cabby.

Here’s a quick overview of some of their features:
• Detachable/foldable box
• 7-speed rear hub with rollerbrakes
• hub dynamo for lights
• Gel seat
• cargo capacity 165 lbs
• 3-points safety harnesses for 2 kids


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CETMA Cargo: American Bakfiets Builder

We’ve been meaning to write a post about CETMA Cargo for some time. The place is run by Lane Kagay who makes fantastic custom built bakfiets cargo bicycles and racks. If you’re thinking about buying a bakfiets, rather than shipping one to the States, you should seriously consider getting a skilled local builder like Lane to build one for you. You’ll get a custom bicycle with great components for about the same price as shipping a stock Euro built bicycle to the States.

Lane’s bicycles have some great features like disk brakes, triangulated frame for strength, and customizable modular design. Check out Lane’s website for more photos.

• CETMA Cargo

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Onderwater: Kid Pedal Bakfiets

Onderwater is a Dutch bicycle company that makes a bakfiets for families with older children. Instead of the kids riding in a cargo box, the Onderwater has standard bicycle seats in tandem with the adult driver. There are also pedals for the kids, so that they can help mom or dad pedal to school. They come in multiple configurations for families with one to three kids. The bikes come with 8 speed Shimano internally geared hubs, halogen lamps, and roller brakes front and rear. The bikes start in price at around $2200 USD / €1643


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Hopworks Beer Bike

This is just plain cool. Beer, Pizza, and Bikes! Who could ask for more. Another great idea from the brains at Metrofiets.

Hopworks Micro Brewery
• Metrofiets Beer Bike Photos

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Bilenky: American made Bakfiets

Bilenky is an American custom bicycle maker that has been making high quality custom bikes since 1983. They make a great variety of front load cargo bicycles (bakfiets) that should satisfy the needs of most people. The Bilenky cargo bicycle design places the cargo load over the front wheel, which creates a more compact and nimbler design than traditional Dutch style bakfiets which place the cargo load behind the front wheel.

Their website quotes a complete custom built bicycle with Shimano components for $2695, which puts it in the price range of it’s European counterparts. If you’re on the East Coast and want to support your local builder, definitely check them out.

Bilenky Cargo Bicycles

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Metrofiets – American Bakfiets Makers

OK, I knew it would happen and couldn’t you have guessed, it would be in Portland. The first US custom maker of Dutch style cargo bicycles (bakfiets). From the looks of their weld quality and components, Metrofiets bicycles are on par with any custom built bicycle on the market.

We’re looking forward to giving one a test ride the next time we’re in Portland. You can check out their website at: as well as their beer bike at Hopworks Brewery (Portland’s own eco-brewpub)

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Bullit Modular Bakfiets by Larry vs. Harry

Larry vs. Harry manufacture a very nice modular bakfiets that can be fitted with a range of accessories such as wooden cargo box, aluminum all weather box, billboards, etc. As for fit and finish, their bakfiets frames are made from oversized aluminum tubing and fitted with modern components that even bicycle geeks like us would love.

Here are the specs for their base model the “Bullit Classic”:
• Powder-coated in black
• Hardened aluminium frame
• Stainless steel nuts, bolts and discs
• 7-gear SRAM i-Motion hub
• Hydraulic front brake
• SRAM Truvativ crankshaft
• Double-bound aluminium wheel rims
• Puncture-proof Schwalbe tires
• Impact-strengthened plastic mudguards
• Fast saddle and handlebar adjustment
• Insurance-approved ABUS bicycle lock

• Larry vs. Harry website
• Photo Gallery
• Wired Magazine Article

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Dutch ID – Bakfiets with Safety

CargoDutch ID is a company in the Netherlands that makes a bakfiets with a tension fabric and cage design for carrying children. Think of it as a kid trailer mounted on a two wheeled bakfiets bicycle.

The added safety of the tension fabric cage takes care of the safety concerns many parents would have when using a wooden box style bakfiets. Although this bicycle is available only in a few countries in Europe, it would be a very easy sell to parents anywhere.

Maybe if enough parents show interest in this style of bakfiets, dealers will start to carry them in the US.

Here’s a link to their website:

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