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Kangaroo Cargo-Bike

Kangaroo Bike

Kangaroo Bike

Besides their great name, Kangaroo Bikes has got cargo-cycling with kids as perfectly configured as it can get. Also props to Leif Hagerup and Lars Malmborg for a stunning design and beautifully engineered solution to elegance.

The Kangaroo Bike is a family bike designed to be attractive, functional and aerodynamic. It has superb road-gripping qualities with comfortable and secure child seats – which makes it the ideal choice for your families.
With a roomy cabin combined with flexible construction, there are two seats for two children of up to 150 cm in height, although it can be adjusted so that there is one seat in the middle for easier balance control. The seats can slide forwards, backwards, face backwards and be pushed down to have the child lay in a sleeping position.

A baby seat is also available as an accessory and can be mounted directly on the existing seats. A cargo-bike that can be adjusted to your growing kids!

As a light transport bike for children it is strong and torsion-stable. The multi-adjustable handlebars make it easy to find the ideal riding position. The patented 3-point steering system ensures rigidity and good stability.

Kangaroo bikes are made in Denmark, in a factory near Silkeborg – and from there they are sent to over 12 different countries around the world.

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  1. Bob Gross Says:

    Where do I purchase one of these in the U.S.A and what is the cost. It is exactly what I need. Bob Gross

  2. Ian loxton Says:

    Bob, follow the links to as listed above. There you can select the Contacts Tab and find this information:

    J.C. Lind Bike Co.
    1311 N. Wells Street
    Chicago, IL 60610
    T: +1 (312) 643-1670

  3. Chan Says:

    Are there models with battery assist and will you ship to Australia?

  4. Frank Says:

    The danish Mobii bike is similar to the Kangaroo, but it has an even cooler design, and mutch better handeling. Ill try to find some pictures later today.

  5. Rich Says:

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  6. Antonio Rak Says:

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