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Lightfoot Cycles

Lightfoot Cycles designs and builds custom bicycles and tricycles in Darby, Montana, USA. Their website has a large and diverse selection of very interesting bikes of all shapes and sizes, such as custom bikes for the “big & tall” (they can fit a person up to 7′ tall!). They also have recumbent bicycles, tricycles, quadracycles, two-rider recumbents, special-needs bikes, hand-cycles, power assist bikes, industrial work vehicles and all weather velomobiles.

What I thought was most interesting however was the history of the company, its founder, and their One World Design Project. Back in 1995, Earl Miner designed and built the PET handcycle, at the request of missionaries working in war-torn rural areas of Africa. Earl witnessed a large number of persons in their communities who sustained disabling injuries and who could not walk, many from land-mine encounters.

The walking-speed, cargo-carrying PET handcycle.

These people were consigned to dragging themselves along in the dust, through a land that had no handicap-access laws, little pavement, and not nearly enough money to afford doctors, protheses or wheelchairs. The concept of a simplified hand-cycle was proven by Earl, and then the prototype was redesigned by Rod Miner. ┬áIt was produced in increasing amounts for several years at what would become the Lightfoot Cycles shop. From there, Rod Miner began designing cycles for the domestic market. However, design for the less-developed nations continues still with the One World Design Project.” –

Their goal is to create highly capable and affordable working vehicles for persons in any part of the world. Within this project, they even sell a cargo-adapter kit which can be attached to a regular mountain bike, turning it into a fully-functional cargo bike!

TCX extension used to transport bales of hay

TCX extension used to transport bales of hay

TCX Custom Box

TCX Custom Box

Marty Stomberg and Rod Miner together created a business model to underpin the production of Lightfoot cycles, starting as custom builders in a converted horse barn, and building slowly and tenaciously over a decade and a half toward the goal of larger-scale lean manufacture.

Check out their diverse array of products!

The Duo is a fast, efficient two-seat recumbent cycle.

The Duo is a fast, efficient two-seat recumbent cycle.

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  1. manolis papadakis Says:

    Please sent me your options for commercial bikes to be used in a golf club or a resort hotel. These bikes are to be used by the gardeners, the maids, the room service and the technicians

  2. Rich Says:

  3. Bill Cochran Says:

    I am interested in researching hand or foot pedal bikes for the handicaped, particularly in undeveloped countries. When I saw the Diane Sawyer, ABC World News showing the bikes, I got excited about them. I go to Forest Hill United Methodist church in Concord, N. C. and we have a very active mission oriented congregation. We would like to build some of these bikes to send to Honduras with our youth group this summer. There are enough talented retirees interested in this project that I have no doubt we could do it. What we need to do this project are plans for the type bikes shown on that Diane Sawyer program. Is it possible to get plans from your company? If so how do we get them and what would the cost be?

  4. Carin Abbs Says:

    That they run in addition to leap close to these people with the boots or shoes even now look great. I truly do feel they could be definitely worth the expense.

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