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Kamprite: Bicycle Camping Trailer

Here’s a really cool product that fills a growing new niche “Bicycle Camping”. Kamprite’s Midget BushTrekka has plenty of room for all of your camping gear as well as a popup tent to keep comfortable during overnight outings. They retail at $899, which sounds reasonable for a product like this.

Bed Size: 2200 L x 810 W (mm), 90″ L x 32″ W (inches)
Tent Size: 2200 L x 810 W x 1000 H (mm), 90″ L x 32″ W x 40″ H (inches)
Trailer Size: 860 L x 1100 W x 200 H (mm), 35″ W x 44″ L x 8″ H (inches)
Weight: 26 kg, 56 lbs


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  1. kenny Says:

    awfully heavy though, 56 lbs before even adding the gear?

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  3. Francisco Córdoba Says:

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