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Gazelle-Cabby: High Quality Factory Built Bakfiets

Gazelle is a large Dutch bicycle company that has been around for years. They’re known for their Dutch city bicycles. However, lately their Cabby bakfiets is getting a lot of praise. It’s factory built rather than custom built and comes at a whopping sale price of $2300. If you’ve got the cash and want to get rid of your car, you might want to check out the Cabby.

Here’s a quick overview of some of their features:
• Detachable/foldable box
• 7-speed rear hub with rollerbrakes
• hub dynamo for lights
• Gel seat
• cargo capacity 165 lbs
• 3-points safety harnesses for 2 kids


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  1. Jonathan Says:

    No disc brakes. I’ve noticed that lots of Dutch cargo bikes don’t have disc brakes, but it would be helpful if they realized that America has hills. I wouldn’t trust my son to a cargo bike without disc brakes.

  2. prof.prodromal Says:

    I think some disc brakes just don’t work as well as rim brakes, so i am, thinking of these: Magura BIG disc brakes.
    but then some ones tells me that some hyudrollic brakes dont works a s well as well as cable pull???? what can I do.

  3. SK Says:

    Disc brakes are far superior, and I agree with Jonathan. I will not buy any “utility” bike without disc. For cost and reliability cable disc may be best, but any disc is better than a rim brake!

  4. dreed Says:

    Rim brakes actually have more braking capacity than comparable disks, cable rims to cable discs, and hydro rim to hydro disc, the only downfalls are that they will eventually wear out you rim ( it takes a long time) and when the get wet their performance decreases significantly, but unless you live in seattle you can probably make it work.

  5. MarcoSch Says:

    Look how big the front hub is. There is most likely a drum brake in there, brake shoes that expand to the inside of the hub – far superior to rim brakes. I’m a Dutchman and I’ve had several Gazelle bikes and a Gazelle tandem.

  6. Joe in New Haven Says:

    That large front hub is surely a generator for that front light.

  7. Jimmy Havok Says:

    Having looked at several of these in use in Amsterdam just last week: they have hub brakes, most likely drums. Most of the Dutch bikes have some sort of hub brake, presumably because it’s so wet there.

  8. Kees305 Says:

    Hummmmm. We grow up in Holland with bikes, each person has at least 2. All this “talk” about this Gazelle not being safe because of the lack of hydraulic brakes???? Buy a Harley Davidson and you got your hydraulic brakes. Then you can visit the Rockies. For transport/biking, Gazelle is the top of the line and most probably there are 5 million in use in Holland while we speak, without recalls and without safety issues. Just plain, down to earth, safe fun. Enjoy life!

  9. DrMekon Says:

    You don’t need discs on a bakfiets. I’d go so far as to say that the maintenance required compared to roller brakes makes them undesirable. I’ve had a DeFietsfabriek with roller front, coaster rear that would stop brilliantly, a Cargobike Long with riollers front and rear that stopped adequately (cable length is the issue – change for Nokons), a Madsen with disc and v-brakes that stopped adequately, a Christiania with twin discs that stopped badly, and a cargotrike that is the best of the bunch. It has twin roller brakes at the front and one at the back, and it can skid all three wheels when unloaded. Roller brakes are awesome if setup well, and soggy and horrible if not. If yours don’t work, it’s the setup that’s at fault.

    FWIW, I’m not anti-disc (have them on my tandem) – I just think the zero maintenance of a roller brake makes them better on a bike that’s going to be used daily and left outside a lot.

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  11. Michael Lalonde Says:

    I love my Gazelle Cabby, but I do find the brakes to be a serious problem. They really do not stop the bike quickly if you’re going any speed at all. And you have to squeeze the brakes all the way down if you’re going down a hill, just to slow the bike down. To stop it you need your feet. Soooo.. My solution is just to go real slow and avoid hills. I long for proper brakes.

  12. Angus Hewlett Says:

    The brakes on the Cabby are Shimano BR-IM series Rollerbrakes. Unfortunately the factory fitted ones are a cheap, low-end model, and quickly degrade if you use the Cabby on hills.

    We have two Cabbys at a community project & have upgraded the brakes to top-of-the-range BR-IM81s. Much, much better since the upgrade, can handle the hills around here (250ft climbs/descents, gradients up to about 1-in-10) just fine.

    Still have to be a little bit careful brakeing – alternating the brakes on/off to keep speed under control, instead of dragging them all the way down – but much much better than before.

    We got our brake upgrades from Rob at Really Useful Bikes:–spares-/roller-brake-upgrade/
    .. thoroughly helpful chap, if you’re in the UK I recommend dealing with them.

  13. Michael Lalonde Says:

    This is Michael Lalonde again. I just wanted to note that I got the front brakes upgraded to hydraulic disc brakes. It was acbit tricky, because I had to find someone who could weld the brackets onto the front forks, so the brakes could be installed. These new front brakes are fantastic: they make all the difference to the experience, and stop the bike on a dime. On most bikes, I wouldn’t want all the braking power at the front, because I’d be afraid of tipping over frontwards, but that’s not a danger on a bike this shape.

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