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mundo-rear-lowresYuba Bicycles is a long bike company based in Northern California. From the looks of it, their quality is solid with modern components. We’ve seen some of their complete bicycles for as low as $800 at some budget bicycle dealers. On Yuba’s website, they start at $1100 with Shimano Acera components and go up from there depending on features. Their electric version is available for $2600. OUCH!!!!

We really love long bikes as a category and they’re great for families with older kids. If you’re buying a long bike for the first time, make sure to budget an extra $200 for some waterproof saddlebags (panniers), running boards for extra riders, and dual arm kickstand when loading kids. That way you can get the most out of your long bike.

Update: Yuba now sells their Mundo V4 for $1299 with SRAM components, including super stable double kickstand, bamboo deck and integrated wheelskirts. The elMundo with BionX goes for $3199.

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  1. Eric Olson Says:

    Yuba bikes are made in China.

  2. daniel koenig Says:

    i love the yuba mundo it has given me the freedom to be on the bike and get all the things i need to get done in the day
    kids to school grocery hockey whatever i can think of so fun so useful
    i love bikes check out my web site


  3. KDC1956 Says:

    Yuba Mundo bicycle is very well made like most good bicycle now days are made in China who cares.I sure don’t.Look where the Big Dummy is made.The Yuba Mundo in Orange is just to cool looking I want a Yuba next at this time I am building the BD it is almost done.One can never have to many bicycles or to many cargo bikes.If one goes down on you.You have a back up and if you have a better half then you need two cargo bicycle.Either bicycle the Yuba Mundo or the Big Dummy will let you go car free and that’s what I am going for car free here.

  4. Lindsay Says:

    I purchased a Yuba Mundo a few months back now and it has been life changing. This bike is amazing, I can haul groceries and my toddler and I’m not even a fit or agile cyclist. My longest trip to date has been just over 10 miles and whilst for some people that would be nothing- for me its a big milestone.
    One of the selling points for me with this particular setup is – eventually my son will want to cycle his own bike but he won’t be able to ride far until he’s older…with the Yuba he can hop on the back when he’s tired and we can strap his bike on the back too, or even tow it on it’s back wheel with the front wheel strapped to the rack of the yuba.
    It’s my minivan and I love it!!!

  5. philippe Says:

    “Panier” takes a single n and is the French word for “basket”

  6. Phil Says:

    I have had a Mundo ( V2 in red ) for about six years now, and use it for hauling everything ( at different times )- people, two machine loads of laundry, two halves of an oak whisky barrel, 200lbs of manure, 3 garden compost bins, furniture, towing other bikes, framed pictures, 4 60l sacks of compost. I replaced the back wheel when the rim wore through from braking friction; I had to go from 48 spokes to a 36 BMX hub laced to a Halo SAS rim, because replacement 48 rims were not available. I would love a pair of Go Getter bags, but they are £80 each( 8-( )- instead, for less than the cost of one I bought five 65litre storage crates from Ebay and strap two on with ratchet straps- the others are in my allotment shed, storing gardening stuff. I have put two panels of retroreflective stickers on the back of each so the width of the bike is obvious at night. Another trick to keep cars from driving too close is a number of long cable ties fastened up to the bottom loading rails with the excess tails pointing out at about 45 degrees- they move, and look like spikes, cars now tend to give me a decent amount of room when passing *grin* and they’re cheap to replace when they break off. I also wrapped the rear frame with old tyres from the bin at my LBS because the paint on the Mundo is crap, flaking off at the slightest provocation.

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