Ahearne Cycle Truck

Ahearne Cycles are another great custom builder from Portland Oregon. Joseph Ahearne custom builds these great platformed cargo bicycles that are built to haul just about anything. Framesets are $1750 and complete bicycles start at $2750. If you’re committed to living the zero emission lifestyle and have the money to spare, you might want to give Joseph a ring.

Ahearne Cycles
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  1. Jonathan R Says:

    It’s the Ahearne CYCLE Truck.

  2. Prof.Prodromal Says:

    This is the kind of bike I need, but with a low step mount, that does not wobble. And a good rack on the rear. I need a trailer for a 5 gallon propane bottle, so I can’t use a long cargo bike.

    I think the front wheel could be 24″ rather than the 20″ shown here.

    I am buying one as soon as I find one that I can sit up straight on. Any help would be good.

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