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Mexican American Trike

I was walking at Redondo Beach Pier and met some low rider bike builders that tricked out their kid’s cargo bicycles. They both put a lot of work into their trikes and added a great Mexican American style to it. It’s great seeing basic cargo bikes evolve into custom tricked out machines.

FYI: The red trike is not made by Radio Flyer. The builder just wanted to go for that look.

Great work guys!

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  1. Debbie Says:

    Mexican-American style? Not seeing much of the American side of things on that wonderful bike.

  2. Bob Fairlane Says:

    I like the red bike, but screw “mexican-america”. Lowriders are retarded. I see overgrown kids riding those things sometimes. They look like cheap BMX bikes with deformed forks and a bunch of fake gold shit plastered on them.

  3. Val Says:


    I’m interested in the blue trike with the child seat in the back. Anyone know how to get in touch with the person who made it?

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  5. mike schneider Says:

    Would like to be listed on your website – we have pedal, electric and gasoline powered cargo tricycles 713 962 2681

  6. TOM SODER Says:

    6 years late, but beautiful job on the MexiCali sidecar Trike. Understood it is not Radio Flyer brand, just Radio Flyer look.

    I am curious what stock bike brand, if any, was used; the vintage of said bike (not many tank-style bikes out there any more); and if the side car was a stock item, or a custom-built add-on.

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