Feetz: Leaning Trike, Independent Steering, Converts to Stroller

From it’s specifications list, the Feetz is one amazing tadpole trike (two front & one rear wheel). It has front independent steering (ackerman steering), converts almost instantly into a stroller, and leans into turns.

Most tricycles tend to feel tip prone because they can’t lean into turns like a bicycle. The Feetz over comes this through it’s leaning design. Without riding one, we can’t tell how it actually performs. However from their videos, the Feetz looks fantastic.

The only catch is that it retails for £1,200 in the UK, which means it’ll be well over $2000 US dollars by the time it reaches the States.


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  1. Tom Van Damme Says:

    We bought the 4-wheel version with two aluminium crates only last week (cost about €3,000 or almost $4,000). The 4wheel version does not have the leaning ability, but can support a second trunk in the back (between the wheels). We used to have a more common tricycle before (which we mainly used to carry the kids and shopping goods around) but since the kids got too big we decided to switch to a more “cargo-friendly” version.
    I drove the bike home from the shop (about 40 km) and it has been quite an experience. The bike rides like a dream; it’s a bit heavier than our former one, but it rides a lot lighter. It’s got 5 gears on the handle bar and steering is much easier. Especially with the front suspension (which the 3wheel version lacks) you can easily take obstacles (which used to be a pretty unpleasant manoeuvre on the previous tricycle).
    We’ve got the first foldable 4wheel version (according to the manufacturer) but since we asked to install an extra trunk in the back it still does take up a lot of space. Walking with the bike folded up is not as practicle as it seems to be in the video, but I guess it’s a great advantage when you want to store the bike in the garage or shed.
    The 4wheel version is aimed at people with a disability (there’s room for a small electric motor in the back), or for those who just can’t have too much trunk space on a bike. Like us :-)

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Tom for the comment! It’s great to hear that the 4 wheel version rides so well. Did you get a chance to test ride the 3 wheel version as well? We’d love to hear what your thoughts were.

  3. Tom Van Damme Says:

    There was a three wheel version at the store, but since we went straight for the 4 wheeler we never got around testing it.
    The store owner had some experience and said it took a while to get used to a cargo trike that leans in corners. Apparently it’s like learning to ride a bike all over again :-)

  4. Prof.Prodromal Says:

    I like this one, But I need MTB gears to get up our steep hills. And I think this must be a bit heavy for every day use. But I want one. Where in USA can I get one?

  5. Ladislav Koran Says:

    Who is selling them? Where can I get the 3-wheel FEETZ (in Europe)? How much are they?

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