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Mexican American Trike

I was walking at Redondo Beach Pier and met some low rider bike builders that tricked out their kid’s cargo bicycles. They both put a lot of work into their trikes and added a great Mexican American style to it. It’s great seeing basic cargo bikes evolve into custom tricked out machines.

FYI: The red trike is not made by Radio Flyer. The builder just wanted to go for that look.

Great work guys!

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Feetz: Leaning Trike, Independent Steering, Converts to Stroller

From it’s specifications list, the Feetz is one amazing tadpole trike (two front & one rear wheel). It has front independent steering (ackerman steering), converts almost instantly into a stroller, and leans into turns.

Most tricycles tend to feel tip prone because they can’t lean into turns like a bicycle. The Feetz over comes this through it’s leaning design. Without riding one, we can’t tell how it actually performs. However from their videos, the Feetz looks fantastic.

The only catch is that it retails for £1,200 in the UK, which means it’ll be well over $2000 US dollars by the time it reaches the States.


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