Torker Cargo-T Bicycle

Torker has released the Cargo-T bicycle for $600 MSRP. It’s distributed in the US by Seattle Bicycle Supply, which should make it easy for your local bike shop to get a hold of. It comes with Shimano 3 speed internal hub gearing and comes with front and rear cargo racks.

At 45 lbs, it’s about average weight for most purpose built cargo bicycles. The frame comes in satin grey or blaze green. This Taiwan built bicycle is a lower cost alternative for anyone considering European built city bicycles which could easily cost more than a thousand bucks.

Torker USA
• Seattle Bicycle Supply

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  1. Joseph E Says:

    It’s now (for 2011) being offered with a 5-speed hub, with a bright orange frame. I haven’t found the list price yet, but it should be under $700, I think.

  2. RickS Says:

    I bought a Cargo T and it has been a great bike. I have done some upgrading, built a new set of wheels, 8 speed and dynohub, and put some great lights on it. I have just ordered electric assist for it. It should be able to do about anything I need it to now.

  3. Stuart Says:

    This Torker got good reviews at another bike blog (, I think). I looked at the Torker site and many of their other bikes look interesting too. No, I don’t work for the company. I have a traditional-style bike made in Germany. I like to go grocery shopping with it. I just hang two baskets on either side of the rear luggage rack and I’m in business. I have to do something about the egg breakage though! Maybe the new Schwalbe 50-622 tires will do the trick. You’ve got a nice website on a great topic.

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