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New Urbanism

I ran into this video about New Urbanism, which is the trend in urban planning which promotes walkable livable cities. This video is a really cool intro to the whole idea. Hopefully the idea of using bicycles for transport in these new cities will take off.

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Ghetto Engineering

Bicycle crank repaired with welded on construction rebar

Bicycle crank repaired with welded on construction rebar

Here’s a picture I took in Korea of a repaired delivery bike. Rather than throw away the bike or broken part, the owner just welded construction rebar to fix a broken crank. I love seeing old bicycles evolve and take on a life of their own. I guess when you have to use your bicycle everyday for work, it’s a completely different mindset from people using bicycles for sport. Things aren’t perfect, but they’re useful.

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Swiss Army Bicycle (Militarvelo)

Weighing in at more than 50 lbs, the Swiss Army Bicycle is the furthest away you can get from Lance Armstrong’s 16 pound Trek Madone 6.9 However, with its elegant simplicity, utility, and low maintenance design, the Swiss Army Bike had what it took to keep the Swiss Army chugging along for almost a century. Although it was phased out by the Swiss military in 2001, if you’re lucky, you can spot some of these bicycles on eBay going for a pretty penny.

Article written by owner of a Swiss Army Bicycle Review of the Swiss Army Bicycle

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