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San Francisco’s Finest – Sycip Bikes

¬†Sycip Bikes is a custom bicycle builder that was established in 1992 by Jay & Jeremy Sycip. If you ride regularly on the US West Coast, you’ll occasionally run into a lucky someone riding a Sycip Bicycle. Every time I see one of their bicycles, I’m always amazed to see the innovative design and quality of construction.

I was especially impressed by two bicycles they’ve built, a long bike and a custom delivery bicycle for Boccalone Salumeria (specialty meat company).

They’re definitely one of the finest bicycle builders on the planet and if you’re in the market for a custom bike, it’s worth giving them a call.

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  1. Prof.Prodromal Says:

    I realy wish some one would start building short bikes with easy step trough frames so I would not have to lean the bike over when fully loaded, just to get off. And still have room for cargo on the front rack that must be welded to the frame.

    And I do want a two pronged kikstand that will not lean the bike.

    And the worst part off all is the fact that I must sit up straight because of my carpul tunnel sysndrom and arthritic spine.

    I killed my car more than a dozen years ago, and will never go back.

  2. Prof.Prodromal Says:

    The red bike looks like it could be usefull, if I din’t have to climb over the top tube.

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