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Dutch company, SmartTrike, makes a fantastic cargo tricycle that comes in a variety of configurations. In the photo from their website, you can see two versions, the kid carrier and the basic cargo box. The tricycle is also available in a other models such as a solar powered icebox version for vending ice cream and soda. Also, the cargo box is available alone as a push cart for vending and moving cargo.


Similar to other European luxury cargo tricycles, the SmartTrike comes with a hefty starting price of € 2199 Euros ($3000 USD). The tricycle looks great and has many useful options like power assist & onboard lights. However, it comes at a price only a few can afford.


Hopefully enough early adopters will buy these great tricycles and bring the price down to a family budget.


Check out their website at:



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  1. louis Says:

    You know, prices on bikes like these don’t seem out of line to me when I think about the number of 3k+ road and mountain bikes I see around here (SF Bay Area — skewed sample for sure) on a regular basis, especially considering the potential of a bike like this to reduce car trips for families.

  2. Mark Stosberg Says:

    I agree with louis, I see a bike like this has a cheap car alternative rather expensive recreation equipment.

    I recommend looking at the bakfiets as an alternative:

    The design above won’t fit through a standard door, but a bakfiets will.

  3. Michael Says:

    The Zigo LEADER will fit through a standard door, and also fold up and fit in your car. It is also priced for recreation, as well as for cheap transportation.

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