Worldbike Long Bike is a non-profit organization dedicated to building load carrying bicycles for people in developing nations. From the looks of their website, they make use of bicycles that are readily available locally.

Most of the bicycles look like adaptations to the ubiquitous Chinese bike that Chairman Mao made famous in the 20th Century. These Chinese bikes are everywhere in the third world. They are affordable, built to last, easy to maintain and highly modifiable.

Especially interesting about Worldbike’s website, is their open source community approach to designing bikes. Currently their bicycles are on display at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum as part of their new exhibit that showcases products designed for the needs of the developing world. The exhibit is called: Design for the Other 90%

If you’re interested in designing bicycles and helping people in the developing world, check out

It’s great to see people helping people. Keep up the great work guys!

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  1. Adrian Mettz Says:

    I own a Sun Atlas Cargo Longtail and I love it!’s no Mundo but it is tons of fun…..I don’t have kids so I just load 20-50lbs of cargo on a regular basis…I use the xtracyle wideloaders and a Yuba Mundo kickstand(huge improvement)…I also use a Yuba mundo giant messenger bag…all works well…
    Right now I have a small hub motor in the front and a front rack with trunk bag and the steering is not phased by this…..amazing control….

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