Nihola Family Cargo Tricycle

Niholatricycle02_2Danish company Nihola makes an award winning family cargo tricycle available for sale in Northern Europe. It’s understated style appeals to anyone wanting easy convenient transporation, but with features that meet the needs of an urban family. It comes with a lightweight truss frame, Ackerman steering up front, all weather drum brakes, and a 5 speed internally geared rear hub.

Although the Nihola family tricycle is large enough to carry two small children and some groceries, it will be a cozy fit. Due to the Ackerman steering, the cargo box is smaller than for tricycles that use Axle pivot steering. However, for many people that is a small price to pay for having the added stability at speed.

After asking the kind folks at Nihola if we could purchase one of these tricycles in the US, we received a very kind email saying they are currently sold out and are having difficulty just meeting demand in Europe.

Designed to be lightweight, nimble, and stable at moderate speeds, this tricycle is a popular choice for many people. But with a starting price of €1995 Euros, it will likely be out of the price range of most young families.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope Nihola tricycles will reach the US in the future. If you’re lucky enough to own one, we’re sure you’re riding with a smile.

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  1. Mo Says:

    Just to let you know – The Nihola is now available in the US. There are currently two dealers – Flying Pigeon-Los Angelos (where I ordered mine from) and Clever Cycles in Portland.

    Yes, they are pricey ($3400 for the 7 speed), but I am loving mine. A pleasure to ride, and if anything more stable when carrying a load – I’ve gone from riding my bike once a year to riding the Nihola almost every day.

  2. John Wyman Says:

    I have one for sale, if you want one. It’s in Ohio.

    We are selling our Nihola Cargo bike to make space in the stable. If you have small children, this is the perfect kid hauler.

    You can pay $3400 for a new one, plus $600 for shipping to get it to you. We are selling this one for $2500, and will offer free delivery within 100 miles of Columbus, Ohio. The Nihola can easily be hauled inside a van, or on any trailer.

    This one is like new, and has an upgraded Shimano Nexuus 8 speed internal gear hub, which is what Nihola is putting in the 2013 models.

    You can see the image on this link:

    And all the product specs on this one:

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Best, John

  3. John Says:

    I am selling my Nihola Family on Ebay now. Please refer anyone in North America who might want one. Thanks!

    140962133736 (Item #)

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